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How to contribute

The living handbook of narratology invites you to become actively involved in further developing and enhancing our handbook – you can do so by discussing existing entries and making suggestions as to how they might be enhanced, or by pointing out emerging fields of narratological interest that might warrant a new entry in our handbook.

"In what way can I become involved?"

Contributing to narratological discussions: become an ENN member!"

We suggest that you consider joining the European Narratology Network (ENN), as ENN-membership will enable you to partake in background discussions via the ENN discussion list NarrList. To apply for ENN membership, please visit


Contributing to the LHN

Depending on your current user status different options apply.

“I am a non-registered public user:” You can access and read all public content on our website, including registered users’ comments and discussions on individual articles. You can register here: Request Account.

“I am a registered user:” In addition to the above, you can also enter your own comments and suggestions on any of the existing articles and partake in ongoing discussions. Please note: to exercise this option you need to log in to the WiKi first (see the "how to log in"-section below).

LHN authors: In addition to the above, article authors can use the WiKi-functionality to suggest changes and amendments to their own contribution.

"How do I log in to the LHN WiKi?"

The log-in procedure depends on your current status:

“I am a registered user.” - Click the Log In button on the top menu bar.

“I forgot my login data!” – As long as you still know your user name, enter this and use the 'send me a new password'-function. Otherwise please contact the LHN editors directly via e-mail.


Please respect the usual ‘netiquette’ and standards for scientific discourse when contributing to the LHN discussions. All public discussions as well as all authors’ additions to existing LHN articles are moderated by the editors. In the interest of the ENN community the editors reserve the right to delete any contribution or terminate any member’s access to the LHN member area at their sole discretion.

New address

Since May 1, 2013, the living handbook of narratology (LHN) appears as a CMS-based version under the new address:
The present wiki-based version remains preserved under the date April, 30, 2013.