: "The living handbook of narratology". 16 Nov 2018. Hühn, Peter et al. (eds.): the living handbbook of narratology. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press. http://hup.sub.uni-hamburg.de/lhn/index.php?title=The_living_handbook_of_narratology&oldid=1670

The living handbook of narratology

Last modified: 7 September 2011



This new and innovative type of Living Handbook of Narratology offers a systematic and comprehensive in-depth overview of recent and older research, taking into account different disciplinary and national traditions in narrative study. The conception and realisation of this handbook grew out of the work of the Narratology Research Group at Hamburg University (2001−2007) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology (founded in 2007). From the very beginning, the idea was to combine a printed version (Handbook of Narratology) and an open-access online version (Living Handbook of Narratology). All entries present international research regarding the key terms, categories, and concepts of narratology in the form of full-length original articles structured in a parallel manner: all entries start with a concise definition (1) followed by a more detailed explication of the term in question (2) and then proceed, in their main part, to provide a differentiated description and critical discussion of the various approaches, positions, and controversies in their historical development (3), concluding with topics for further research (4) and a select bibliography (5). The entries vary in length (three categories) in accordance with the complexity of the respective concepts.

The living handbook of narratology is characterized by the following special features:

    - open-access
    - progressive expansion by the addition of further articles on previously uncovered topics
    - continuous updating of existing articles by the authors
    - cross-referencing among all articles via links
    - thorough reviewing of articles and updates by the entire board of editors before publication
    - opportunity for commenting on and discussing the articles
    - opportunity for discussing the selection of topics and for suggesting further topics.

The print version was first published by Walter de Gruyter in 2009 as Handbook of Narratology a revised and updated edition of the printed handbook will be published every five years. The online version as The living handbook of narratology was made available by Hamburg University Press in 2010.

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Since May 1, 2013, the living handbook of narratology (LHN) appears as a CMS-based version under the new address:
The present wiki-based version remains preserved under the date April, 30, 2013.

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: "The living handbook of narratology". In: Hühn, Peter et al. (eds.): the living handbook of narratology. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press.
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